I started noticing an issue with emails I was testing on the iOS mail client last week.

The emails were reading the media queries (resizing sections to be 100%) but the text was renderign really small when initially loading while the phone is vertical (most people's default when looking through emails).
The weirdest part was that after turning the phone horizontal (it renders the way it should horizontally) and then flipping it back vertical everythign scales properly and continues to even after reloading the email later.

Has anyone experienced this issue and does anyone know how to fix it?

Testing was on a iOS 10, on iPhone5 and iPhone 5s

Screenshots for example

Strange display on initial Load:

Proper Display after Rotating: https://mlsvc01-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/933fd870601/f8c85196-22a5-40e4-b9dd-4ad3a0c29a26.png?ver=1491227881000