Hi all,

I'm building an opportuntiy recomendation engine and wondering if I can hack an MVP using email. Here are my main questions about email functionilty:

-emails need to have 'survey functionality' - is this possible? For example, end user needs to be able to select 'yes' or 'no' to an opportuntiy.
-if yes, would this need to tie to my website or is there a third party site that would hold this data for me.
-if yes, could you have multiple opportunties stacked in the same email?
-can you build 'sharing' buttons into email templates that allow the user to post select content directly to social channels?

Essentailly I'm just wondering how robust email can be in terms of gathering feedback from users and allowing them to push content to their channels. Any information is helpful. If I didn't supply enough information please let me know.