Want to meet awesome email geeks at Litmus Live in London this year, but a little nervous about being the first person to say “hi”? Say hi here first!

We’ve put together Community Discussions for each of the Litmus Live conferences this year to help make networking at the conference a little easier.

Introduce yourself here if you’re heading to Litmus Live in London, arrange meet-ups with fellow email geeks, or just chat about what you’re looking forward to seeing at Litmus Live. Don't forget to fill in your Community Profile to help people get to know you before Litmus Live.

Get to know each other before you get to London and make that first “hi” a easier in person.

And don't forget to submit your email for review during Live Optimization—get quick wins, tips, advice, and more from fellow attendees and the Litmus team.

Heading to San Francisco instead? Here's the discussion for San Francisco.