Yo team,

I'm working on a simple two-column email: text on the left, image on the right. The desired behavior is for the text to be below the image on mobile, so the overly simplified HTML looks like this:

<div class="hide-on-mobile">Desktop Text</div>
<div class="hide-on-desktop">Mobile Text</div>

The problem I'm having is that, according to my Litmus tests, Gmail for Android is not preserving any of the media queries that dictate the responsive behavior....*however* the test is hiding the Desktop Text and setting the right-column image to be the full width of the column/screen, so it appears that it's respecting some of the media query styles and erasing all of them. Because of this, the Mobile Text doesn't show at all.

Does anyone know of any up-to-date resources for media query support across clients (preferably a source that is maintained!)