MailChimp has a great tool for building emails if you don't know how to code. It's all WYSIWYG and drag and drop. They provide a Code module that you can drop into your email to add your own custom code if you happen to know how to do it. I custom code all of my company's email campaigns so I don't use this service. However, now we're going to be having some of our other employees create emails. These are employees that cannot code and that would instead use MailChimp's builder option.

In order to get the MailChimp template to adhere to our branding guidelines I added a custom code block where I was able to inject a <style> tag. Works great! Except for one problem. MailChimp automatically inlines all of the CSS. This is obviously disastrous for the @media queries that I embedded into the template.

Does anyone know if there's a workaround to fix this? Maybe some way to tell MailChimp to not inline my custom CSS? Or a way to tag my code so that it sees the @media queries for what they are and skips them? A longshot but I'm hoping someone else has experienced this!