Wondering if anyone else out there has run into this issue and if so, how you solved it. Recently my boss brought to my attention that we're having issues with one of our lists. Specifically one company on said list. It's a national company and approximately 400 people from that company have signed up to receive our mailings. The issue, as explained by our ESP - Omeda, is that allegedly this company has some kind of an email security scan program that upon scanning all incoming emails, it will auto click on the first link in the email. Depending on what that link is, this totally throws off our data.

On some emails there is a link in the doc type and nothing is reflected in our data. On other emails, there is no link in the doc type, so the first url is our "view online" link or some other link in our email and we are getting false click data. In one instance this happened with a 3rd party client and our click data was off by the thousands. :(

One idea we have to fix this is to include a link in a hidden comment. In theory this email scan would click on that link, and so if our reporting shows any clicking happening on that specific link, we would know to disinclude it from the reports. Thoughts on that idea?

Thoughts on any of this?