We'll be heading back to London, Boston, and San Francisco this year for Litmus Live and we want to hear from you! We're now taking submissions for speaker proposals for Litmus Live. Tell us your email stories, tips, tricks, anything. But we understand that crafting your speaker proposal can be a little bit daunting.

So we've put together a blog post with some great tips from Justine on how to craft that perfect proposal. And we understand that choosing a topic for a proposal can be hard, too. To help you get some inspiration for a proposal here's a blog post on topics we'd love to see at Litmus Live this year.

We'd love to hear from previous speakers—how did you create your proposal and what's the one tip you'd give to anyone looking to submit a proposal this year?

My one tip for anyone wanting to speak at Litmus Live this year? Make that 90 second video. It doesn't have to be flashy or professionally edited. Use the phone on your camera, or the webcam on your laptop. (I used the webcam on my Macbook Pro.) Write down a few bullet points of what you'd like to cover in your 90 second video. Do a couple of rehearsals to nail down exactly what you're saying. When you're confident with what you want to say, hit record!