I have developed a very lovely and Litmus tested email - Chrome screen shot also attached). We are currently in the process of setting up SalesForce which we will connect with MailChimp on. For now, I have to prepare the emails internally for the Sales Team who uses PC/Windows Outlook 2016. They are to forward the emails from their computers to a specified list of individuals. A few issues when doing this: the web fonts nd a lot of other elements are not supported by Outlook as I know. the images create a space in between the columns to name a few. When converting my HTML design to an Outlook 2016 Template or trying to forward the email this way, it looks just OK. The BIGGEST issue is that if the Sales Team are sending these OTF templates from their Outlook, the code seems to be stripped so when I receive this email back from them, even if I have the capabilities to view the email with web fonts on my Desktop or Iphone, it's rendering exactly as Outlook 2016. It does not even allow me to view the email as originally intended and laboriously coded to be viewed with for different clients.

My ultimate question - Is there a way to prepare internal emails for our Sales Crew that won't strip down my code and will allow different clients to render as their provider sees fit (example, sent out internally, an Apple Mail will still render webfonts, etc. while a Outlook will fall back to Arial, tables, etc)? I've googled so many articles and tested solutions from Sending the email from IE via Outlook 2016 and Saving as a template. To forwarding the link from Litmus as an HTML. Please help and thank you!

Images Attached: (DROPBOX - [https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qnd21fhjgdd08oo/AABEfb6_DA-eGg01B5cu5mXGa?dl=0])
1- Chrome Email (Desired Look, similar when tested for Apple Mail) TEST PAGE on LITMUS
2 - Internet Explorer Render
3- OTF Template (actual file attached)
4- FINAL EMail received after being sent from Outlook 2016 (blue links now present, images unaligned, stretched, etc.)