Hey #EmailGeeks,

How are you all doing? Hope the year started well for you all. I've got a question for you all with some experience with interactive stuff, because my head has gotten tired from banging it against a wall all the time. For a project I'm working on a interactive product selector within an e-mail. I know this is all experimental and all, but since it is possible I thought I would try it out. I've put my code in CodePen here. While it all works fine in regular webbrowsers, it goes wrong in about every possible e-mail client (except for Outlook, where the fallback is showing properly).

My main two issues are:

  1. Gmail f$cks it all up pretty bad, by showing practically everything. It would be awesome if it actually worked, but only showing the fallback would already be great.
  2. Clients with support for all the awesomeness seem to forget how :checked elements actually work. It shows the first row with buttons, but nothing seems to be checked or displayed.

I hope you all can help me with this.