I am a contractor, and one of my tasks is to create a three-column responsive e-mail template that is stable across all major e-mail clients. No easy feat, but I have finally accomplished this.

Another requirement is that non-HTML-savvy coordinators need to be able to copy and work with this template. Should be no problem.

However, every time the template is copied in Silverpop/IBM Marketing Cloud, the html elements "height" and "width" are stripped from the image elements in only the first row of columns, resulting in the images appearing at full image width, ruining the entire template for Outlook 2013 users.

I don't understand what kind of algorithm would selectively remove three sets of attributes and leave the rest intact in an otherwise identical series of five rows. This may seem very specific, but I need a work around.

I have reached out to IBM IT but they are very surprised by the issue.

I just went to grab a snippet of code to demonstrate, but the attributes that I manually added have disappeared from the uncopied template, and yet it seems to be displaying in Outlook 2013 correctly despite this. Yet when I copy the template, it displays incorrectly in Outlook 2013 until I add the attributes. And then they disappear, and Outlook still displays correctly.

I'm at the end of my rope, people. Any ideas?