Email designers and developers are becoming more aware of making sure their emails are accessible to everyone, by ensuring there’s enough of a color contrast between text and background colors, using ALT text, and employing semantic HTML tags in the code.

It’s been a popular topic of discussion in the Litmus Community in the past a few times, and more email developers are championing accessibility in email.

For this month's Community Contest we want you to create an email, using as many tactics as you can, to make it as accessible as you can. The design is totally up to you—it can be as simple or as complicated as you like. As well as the email, give us a little explanation on how and why it’s accessible.

The email doesn't need to be built exclusively for this contest—you can use something you've already sent/designed. And you can enter with multiple emails, but it only takes one to win!


  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • 2 free months of Litmus Plus
  • A Litmus care package (t-shirts, stickers, etc.)
  • A print copy of Modern HTML Email by Jason Rodriguez

To enter simply share your entry as a reply in this discussion. The easiest way would be to create the email in Builder and share your code via Builder.

The contest is now closed.

Feel free to keep posting your most accessible emails—we love seeing them.

Congratulations to the winners Paul Airy and Chris!

Every one of the emails entered into the contest were amazingly well thought out and we loved seeing how accessibility was incorporated into different aspects of the email.

Thank you to everyone who participated—keep on flying that accessibility flag in email.