Hi all!

From my understanding, our workplace has yo-yoed back and forth between Drag and Drop Email editors and pure HTML/CSS email templates.

We came back to HTML/CSS under our last Digital manager whom has since left the business. We found that as we tried to cater to more clients and devices (ie: making responsive, retina-optimised images that work on as many clients as possible/relevant to our subscribers), the coding got more and more complicated. I don't have an issue with this, however the teams making our emails have had to be trained from scratch on HTML/CSS having no prior experience with full email templates. This means mistakes are being made quite often (usually caught and fixed quickly).

I actually wonder, given that our emails are for basic e-commerce and are not ground-breaking or experimental in any way, whether it's worth the time spent to code them (not to mention the fallout from when there are mistakes)?

I don't have reliable stats to confirm that the HTML has benefitted or disbenefitted us in any way.

Does anyone have opinions/insight into this?