I have been using a hybrid/spongy/ghost table technique for many of my projects and have enjoyed using the Litmus Slate templates as a boilerplate from time to time. (https://litmus.com/resources/free-responsive-email-templates)

I have just recently noticed that some of my own templates and some of the Slate templates (in addition to random other emails I receive) are no longer centered in the Gmail app on iOS. They are slightly left-aligned. More dramatically, Outlook Mobile on iOS is completely off. There is a huge gap on the right. (Screen shots from Outlook Mobile attached. Note the large gap on the right).

I have tried to fix this several ways to no avail. I have tried to add a min-width: 100% to the tables, added an additional wrapper, used the now unnecessary (I think) ExternalClass trick, the ancient <center> tags, zeroed out the padding on the body element, and tried the Apple proprietary <meta name=”x-apple-disable-message-reformatting”>. I already use the margin: 0 auto; declaration on the outer most content wrapper and, additionally, center align all tables and parent table cells.

Any insight into this issue would be endlessly appreciated.