As the Community grows, we want to help those new here to get started as easily and quickly as possible. So here are some quick tips to help you get started in the Litmus Community.

If you’ve got any tips to help others get started in the Litmus Community, we’d love to see them–share them here.

Getting your questions answered
When starting a new discussion, make sure you include as much information as you can to make it easier for Community members to help out. Don’t forget to include the following in your posts:

  • A good title. Be descriptive of your problem.
  • Screenshots. Try to share some visuals so members don’t have to guess at what you’re seeing. You can also easily share your Litmus Email Previews results.
  • As much info as possible. Describe your issue with as much detail as possible. Include information on what devices you are using to test, which email clients are affected, and what techniques are used in your code.

Sharing your code
Help Community members figure out your code issues by properly marking up the code in your posts, or use Litmus Builder to easily embed code.

Search for answers
Use the Community’s search feature to find the most relevant information about your problem or to uncover interesting topics when you’re ready to learn more.

Any we’re missing? Let us know in the comments below!