I don't know if the forums count as a Litmus product or not, so I'm assuming it's not, and it's just a public online forum. I also don't know where to categorize this thread in.

When I click on "Newest", I should be expecting all of the threads sorted by descending order from the most recent to the least recent. But the actual results show a list of unordered threads. As of writing, the first thread is created 15 hours ago, the second thread is 21 minutes ago, and the third thread is created 4 hours ago. It's the threads not ordered that's making me confused.

The same goes for Most Active, which I would be expecting threads with recent activities to be sorted to the top of the list. Maybe I'm not understanding how it was sorted, are the threads sorted at all? Is it based on how recent posts are replied, or is it based on how many comments?

If anyone knows what or how the filters are sorting the threads, please let me know.