So I received this email this morning from Microsoft, promoting the new Final Fantasy game (which is apparently amazing, but I just don't have time for a time vampire like Final Fantasy!).

I've uploaded it here so you can all see and have an inspect of the code..

It has an interactive carousel, custom fonts, and even....GIFS!!! What I found really cool was that the carousel is basically the whole email, but also that it auto rotates. Auto rotation was something that a client I've mine actually asked me to add to a carousel and I told them it couldn't be done....egg on my face indeed. So it was nice to see this (and borrow the code!)

My only gripe with it is more from a user experience point of view, in that it's not entirely obvious to the user that those radio buttons are clickable, but I guess the auto rotation takes care of that. And obviously those images are goinna be pretty heavy on file size. Oh, and that they haven't even bothered to code a desktop version, but I guess they know their audience mainly open on mobile.

Otherwise, I think it's a really cool, progressive email! What do you all think?