I have noticed that the Gmail and Inbox apps are increasing font sizes in emails, even where media queries are being used, and even when the fonts are already huge.

I've tested this on a couple of Android devices, but not ios, with a range of templates.

The size change is based on the system font-size. On one phone I can get it back to normal by switching system fonts from normal to small. On another phone, even extra-small renders fonts too large.

I've tried variations on ios font-size work around without success.
I've tried adding !important on font-size both inline and in the style tag. I've tried various relative/absolute units (px, %, unitless, vw, rem).
There don't seem to be any elements being added by gmail, so I assume it is just directly changing the font values.

I think this is a very recent change, I'm sure it wasn't happening when gmail first added media query support.

I hoping when I wake up tomorrow, this will have been rolled back like the great yahoo min-width debacle. If not, does anyone have any ideas for a fix?