Hey Everyone - This is going to be a very dumb question, but my ESP does not offer social share and I want to include it in my email besides just a link to my company social media pages. But, do you know where I would go to get the URL or code for Facebook and Pinterest? (Because it looks like after reading on here I can use ClickToTweet for Twitter) It sounds like I would not use the developer tools so a third party tool would be my only hope.

Also, random question - would the below be correct for printing the email?

<a href="#" onClick="window.print();return false"><img src="http://simpleview.dmplocal.com/dsc/collateral/microsite_print.png" width="70" height="34" border="0" title="Print Icon" alt="Print Icon" /></a>

Thanks so much, I really appreciate the info!