Hey, you. Your preheader is too short. Yeah, I said it.

I just posted an article on LinkedIn, making my case for long email preheaders. I'm talking long, like 150 characters or so. It sounds crazy, but hear me out. It's a lot to explain, but please have a look at the article and share it with your copywriters and colleagues.

Let me know what you've already learned about preheaders, or what you think of them. Are they an afterthought or a vital piece of your inbox presentation? A casual glance at my phone's inbox tells me many companies are still writing really short ones, or not writing them at all gasp. I'm sometimes surprised to see companies with brands I really respect sending email with downright terrible preheaders.

If you have a different opinion on the topic, I'd love to hear it. Many of my conclusions are based on experience and purely anecdotal evidence, seeing how preheaders render in various clients. We've tested them a little bit, but everyone seems to think a subject line test is much more exciting so it's hard to convince the marketing teams to buy into it.

I think it's high time we talk about this all-too-often ignored piece of the holy trinity of inbox content.