Hi there

We have a longer newsletter (automaticly from our drupal cms system), with a a few tables and lot fo divs. I notice that with Google Mail Apps on iOS (iPhone 5S, iPad, ..) swiping in the newletter (up/down) works flawless. But if we open the same e-mail/newsletter with the internal apple ios email client then swiping is kind of bumpy. It's like that some element will stuck the scrolling down.. (sorry that I can't describe it better).

Also I notice that also on litmus the scrolling was not possible (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BLZJf1Z4oAnbUUwWG9VM2tsRDQ/view?usp=sharing). But switching to the Google Mail App everything works.

Do have anybody some expirence or an idea why this happens? Are there some important limitation with the apple email client on iOS? Is there a "quick solution" to add some special metatags in the header?

Thanks for any hint!