I would love to see some aggregated reporting in Litmus based on data for all our campaigns, or a selected set of campaigns, based on tags, time range, or both. Here are some things I’d love to see:

  • Overall Email Client Report – Big picture numbers on the e-mail clients our recipients are using and how those numbers are trending over time. Also, how our desktop, mobile and webmail numbers are trending over time. Easier to determine which e-mail clients we should be focusing on supporting.
  • Engagement Report – Are we headed in the right direction, with increased engagement, over time? Which e-mails have been our most engaging?
  • Recipient Statistics – Overall statistics for our individual recipients, like how engaged they are over time, what percentage of e-mails they open on mobile, desktop and webmail, what time they open on average. Useful for remarketing, up-sell, app launches, refining the time of our sends, and, when tied back to other data, determining whether our e-mails are resonating with the right recipients.

Any thoughts on this?