I'm using media queries to target mobile devices. I've succedded in making email look the same on all Litmus provided (as per 20/10/2016) environments/clients. But my email layout that should be effected by media queries is not changing in iOS 10.0.1 native mail clinet on iPhone 6s.

I've prepared a sample test case for this matter (described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40162767/media-queries-arent-picked-up-by-ios-10-mail-client)

Graphicly speaking

When I send it to my account in Gmaill app on Android phone I get the following result (all lines are colored):

But when I open same mail in native iOS 10 mail application in iPhone 6, I get this result (all labels are green):

Am I doing something wrong, or iOS 10 mail client stopped supporting media queries?