Hey guys,

I've got a client who is possibly looking to switch ESPs, and I'm researching some alternatives for them. They are currently with Constant Contact. I've looked at MailChimp and Campaign Monitor but would welcome other recommendations.

Right now they are only planning on sending out monthly email newsletters, and that might be overzealous; I think it will be quarterly. Their list size is 5,300.

I would need to be able to build responsive HTML templates for them, but they will need a user friendly interface to build their own campaigns. I would also like robust reporting/analytics if possible.

They won't need special features beyond that; if it comes with the package, great but I wouldn't pay a premium for anything extra. I don't need A/B testing, inbox previews, fancy automation features, onboarding/training, etc. They won't use them, and I already have accessibility to those through other platforms.


EDIT: I'm resurrecting this thread. See updated post below!