We’re going back to the envelope with this month’s Community Contest.

There’s more to a great email campaign than a beautiful email design and brilliant content. You’ve got to nail your subject line and preview text first.

So for this Community Contest we want to know what subject line and preview text combo helped you achieve email campaign success. Whatever success meant for your campaign–purchases, event sign-ups, downloads, etc–because measuring subject line success by opens is all wrong.

Share the subject line and preview text that elevated your campaign. How did you come to choose that subject line and preview text combo? How did you measure the campaign's success?

We’ll pick our favorite combo, with the winner getting:

  • $50 Amazon gift voucher
  • 2 free months of Litmus Plus
  • A Litmus care package (t-shirts, stickers, etc.)

The contest is now closed. Find out who won here.

Feel free to keep sharing your best subject lines/preview text combos with other Community members.