I have a (mostly) single column responsive email. The logo and CTA section in the middle of the body use a hide/show media query to display the way I want depending on whether the email is viewed on desktop (2 column) or mobile (stacked single column). That is all working correctly. However, the table below the hide/showOnMobile section won't align correctly in Outlook 2013 - it is aligning the table to the left.

I also can't seem to remove the extra white space above and below the table with the social links (the spaces are a little hard to see, but they are there)

I saved my code to a git repository. I have tried several fixes that I found, none which specifially addressed my issue, with no success. Index.html is the pre-fix code, index-1.html is post fix. I am a self-taught coder, so I apoligize for this code being a bit cluttered.

Thank you!