Recently came across the download arrow on large images in Gmail. I've tired three work-arounds others have posted:

  1. * img[tabindex="0"] + div {display: none !important;} -- (source:
  2. Add .a5q {display: none !important;} -- (source:
  3. table table table div {display: none !important;} -- (source:

None of these will work anymore now that Gmail assigns a random number tot eh style:

div.m15790cfceb22cbe9 .m_-382244193970140093a5q{display:none!important}

For #1, also found this note from theRyanMark

The only other option is to wrap the image in a blank <a href>, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Slicing up all the images is time consuming on a regular basis.

Tried a number of styles on a5q, a6S, and aYr - no luck.

Also tried an anchor tag but then forcing a cursor: pointer - no luck.

Any other ideas I should give a try?