Prior to this week all my responsive emails rendered perfectly on my Andoid (and iOS) Outlook app (sending to my work email that is on Office 365). I downloaded the Outlook update that was recently released. When I started testing responsive emails after the update, I began to notice it was not properly rendering the CSS/media queries if at all. The same perfect responsive emails from before the update now look like crap. The interesting thing though is that I used the SAME Outlook app to access my personal Hotmail account. When I sent the same responsive test emails to my Hotmail account it looks perfect and responds correctly in the Outlook app.

SO I am assuming, due to this new update, that there is a problem with how Office 365 is processing the email code before it is delivered to my Outlook app in a way that Hotmail is not since Hotmail is processing it correctly.

Has anyone noticed a this issue yet? Maybe someone else can test an Office 365 email vs a Hotmail account.

I would love to see other people's findings.