I'm at my wits end. I'm wondering if anyone in the community uses Salsalabs for distributing emails.

I've been working on an email template for my company and things have been going great on the Litmus side... but once I paste the HTML into salsa it adds a script and just straight up removes my footer.

I've been in contact with them and they haven't reach a concrete answer as yet. Has anyone run into this type of issue with their ESPs?

Here's my litmus code its core is from a litmus approved template that I've added on to.

UPDATE: According a representative at Salsa "My best guess is to reduce size of the pasted content so that it's less than 65, 535 characters. That's the maximum size that the database can hold."

So What Catherine said works best for any newcomers ---> Minify to reduce size, paste into the source code mode and hit save. Do NOT enter the FCKeditor mode - Thanks again Catherine!