Hey everyone, I am working on a batch of emails that a client has the images hosted in silverpop (ick) and sends out the HTML file to outside retailers, that are then sent to their subscription list. The emails display correctly when tested via litmus, and delivered to the client, with the links to the hosted images included (so all that is delivered is the HTML file.) Now, some time has passed (aprox 2 months) and they have come back and said the emails are not working, and the images are not being displayed. I have checked silverpop and the hosted images are exatly where they are supposed to be and not renamed or moved, do the links to hosted images expire? Or change after a certain amount of inactivity when uding silverpop?

My understanding (and this occurance) tell me that they do, I've just not been able to find any documentation saying this is the case; and wondering if anyone else has experienced this.