Hi, I'm Nick. I run a mobile app called LiveRowing. It's it a free fitness app. I am 6 months into email marketing and transaction emails -- I don't think I am best optimizing my lists.

What is a best way to manage my list? Here is some background

We use Mailchimp for List Mgmt & Automation. We use Mandrill for transaction & data based emails.

Once a user signs up for our app their email goes to MailChimp. They get a Welcome email from Mandrill.

Once the welcome email is triggered, the user gets put in a onboarding workflow. Then based on actvity in the app they get transaction emails like workout reports, or weekly workout reports, etc(mandrill).

My concern is that we are not optimizing our list because, one might unsubscribe from the "welcome" or "onboarindg workflow" then not get the 'good stuff' like the Post Workout emails or the weekly reports which have very high open rates.

Should we be using different lists and/or segments for these activities? or different email sending domains?

Any advice or resourses to read would be great!


Nick Sheedy