I can't seem to fix this issue.
I'm working on an email template and I've got sections with multiple columns that should wrap underneath for mobile. It works fine everywhere else except Outlook 2010 (and maybe newer versions, but it works in the Windows 10 mail app). I think it's because Outlook adds space to the gutter table, or makes it 25 pixels width regardless and causes it to wrap down.

Without using ghost tables, because the way I have the column tables set up, they add up to my working space of 520 pixels. It should look like this.

But in Outlook, ghost tables do this to it. I think the padding value I have on the outer table is being applied for some reason. This issue also pops up if the email is rendered in IE5 mode for IE and the conditional targets it.

Here is my code for this section.
The ghost table sample works on its own in Outlook otherwise. So my problem is getting it to work in my template in Outlook. I'm trying not to sacrifice column balance for all other clients just to fix it for Outlook.