I've run across an issue where an image "block" in the body or main content section is holding the table open wider than the rest of the content in Outlook 2013. When I remove the image, the width flows as normal. I'm using the Ceej: Account Update template as a base with minimal alterations in the base code (literally just changed colors and swapped logo file paths, that's it I swear).

Top of the section:

Bottom of the section:

I've tried setting height="338" in the <td> tag as well as height:338px in the <style> tag. I've tried resizing the original 1200 x 675px image down to 600 x 338px. Unfortunately, this hasn't seemed to fix anything.

The same test sent to my Gmail account renders correctly on both the browser webmail and phone app. It also looks fine from my Android mail app (Exchange server), same account as Outlook. Also should note that the previews in Litmus Builder, MailChimp and GovDelivery appear normal.

So what am I missing?