Hi, haven't come across this one before, but there is lots on it on the web. What I've got is a bimonthly newsletter that has a 2/3 width, 1/3 width layout. The 1/3 width column contains marketing content, towards the bottom are a set of ads that are JPGs. My initial thought was due to the table height. The odd thing is that the wider column doesn't have the break, however the narrow one does.

Email on Acid offers this solution:


After reading this I thought I'd chop that column up so that I wouldn't have one very long table, but rather a series of short ones. Interesting thing happened: if I change it so that the main (2/3 width) column only spans 2 of the rows, the bottom table of the narrow row does not have the gap. However, when back on the right side, it does.

Anyone run across this before? I'd be happy to post code if anyone would like to see.