Hi everyone,

Can anyone suggest me the best tool for Email Marketing.
I used mailchimp and hubspot for email marketing. While running the campaigns i found some issues in both the tools, let me explain in detail.

1) Mailchimp: This one is one of my favourite tool for Email marketing, it shares clear tracking reports about the emails opened, clicks, bounced,etc.. But i have a small concern i.e.. all the sent mails are displaying under "Promotion" tabs..which it has very less count of open mails rate..I want all these mails should be displayed in Inbox..so that it may has some good open rate..

2) Hubspot: While using this tool, each and every sent mails is displaying under "Inbox" tab which helps a lot for open rate..but templates are not good, it takes more time for designing each and every mail template..

Can you anyone suggest me the best tool where the sent mails should be displayed under "Inbox" with a nice templates..

Hope you got my point clearly..