Hello all,
I am working on a fluid hybrid template based on the one described by Nicole Merlin here that has 10px of padding on the left and right side. I tested it in Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, Aol, Gmail (desktop and iOS) and iOs and it looks good.

Unfortunately I'm getting extra padding when testing in Outlook 2007+. This is happening in my two-column row where the right column in receiving extra padding on the left and right. I tried reducing the MSO conditional code to say 40% for each column instead of 50%, but nothing changed. I wasn't sure if that would work, but I figured it was something Outlook 2007+ specific I could manipulate. Also the top and bottom rows (the multicolored row of cells) doesn't take the full width without the padding on the right and left.

Here is my build. Thank you in advance!