Has anyone encountered this? I'd imagine it's primarily a B2B concern. Our corporate security inserts the domain after EVERY link in an email. As you can imagine it wreaks havoc on templates. Of course we're primarily concerned with how our emails look to clients with similar security. Here are a few samples I've received:


The only thing I can think would be to have some basic guidelines:

  • Batch up links into one long link rather than separate hrefs for icons and text (right side column on first example)
  • Avoid clusters of tiny linked images (social bar on second example)
  • OR style those table cells to font-size:1 and color white or slightly off white (assuming the text will respect that)
  • Make sure table structure allows for some flexing (third example)
  • add a space within the a tag to allow for wrapping before the domain (first and third examples)

Anyone else encounter this or come up with any methods for accommodating it?