Helloo all, i really really need some guidance here cause im all out of ideas. Been developing a newsetter template for a client that is using Wordpress plus the Newsletter Plugin. The Client submitted an intricate design which i manged to finally do and have display properly in most mailboxes and browsers, but for some reason or other, iphone 6 users only get a blank white message as the body of the email, i searched and search and googled to find out the cause of this, but found many cases with older iphones that seem to describe just a clients issue where a phone reset fixed the problem. This doesn't seem to be my case.

Ive tried stripping some css & media query code to see if it is the problem but no luck. I started with the Mailchimp master template as a skeleton and removed all the special attributes and syntax regarding their platform.

At first when i tested with litmus, iphone 6 was displaying with a few bugs so while fixing those using the litmus builder i manaaged to fix them according to the builder but when i send a test campaign, iphone6 still see a blank body message.

Its 1 html file that i have hosted here omarsabet.net/MCnews/ if you need to check the template and html code. It displays fine in the the browser, gmail and other mail clients. Any idea how to fix this iphone issue?

Thanks for your time and much appreciated.