Hello fellow email marketers,

I have some deliverability concerns and am hoping someone here can share some insight.

I'm currently sending with ExactTarget from a shared pool of IPs. Although our reported deliverability rate is near 100%, I'm afraid that some of our emails are being sent to the junk folder by default in various email clients. We ran a spam test with Email on Acid and it failed the Gmail filter. Mail-tester.com also rated us poorly, mainly because we are sending from our domain without SPF records for the sending IP (which changes with every send).

We are considering moving to a dedicated IP so that we can "authenticate" our domain in hopes of improving deliverability, but I know there are some initial drawbacks to this ("warming up" a new IP, asking subscribers to add a new address to their safe senders list, etc.). Also, although I have no way of knowing for certain, I suspect that our spam complaint rate may be slightly higher than the average for our IP pool due to less than perfect list management practices (which I'm working to improve).

So, essentially my question is all things considered, should we move to a dedicated IP for the added benefit of domain authentication? Or do the drawbacks of a dedicated IP along with a possibly higher spam complaint rate than the average for the shared IPs outweigh the deliverability benefit of domain authentication?