As I've begun to familiarize myself more with hybrid email design compared with traditional responsive approaches I've found that you can't just say "Gmail App" and mean one thing. There are real differences between the iOS and Android.

Left and right aligned tables will stack on Gmail for Android for instance, and a workable mobile experience can be had without the need for a hybrid approach and even with media queries being ignored. Meanwhile, on iOS the same design will remain static, being mearly scaled down. Am I missing something here? In all my research I don't think I've ever seen this important disinction pointed out.

If my above assessment isn't off base then my questions are these:

  • What is the relative Gmail adoption between Android and iOS? It would seem with Gmail being the default Android mail app these days that a vast majority of usage must be on Android.

  • Can this be confirmed with Litmus or any other analytics tool?

  • How do you determine how many of your recipients are Gmail on mobile vs Gmail on desktop? Has anyone studied this?

  • Finally, if Android + Desktop are indeed the majority of Gmail use cases do we really need to be so Hybrid obsessed?