I imagine this might vary depending on size of your email program, and if your list is B2B vs. B2C, but I'm curious how you all manage this aspect.

You send out an email and get any number of autoreplies that say, "I am out of office/out on maternity leave/etc. until XYZ date".

Do you process this information in any way? Set up flags within the ESP or on the individual records?

Or do you just ignore it and send regardless?

Currently I'm scrupulously processing such requests by placing "Do not email" flags on individual records, and reminders to myself to unflag such records on XYZ date. But with dozens of such record updates per send, this is taking up a lot of time.

I wonder if these temporary suppressions are worth it to maximize traditional email metrics (open and click rates). Most of the emails I send are offers of limited duration (several weeks), so there's not much use in my emails sitting for months in someone's inbox waiting to be opened.

I'm curious how you all deal with this (and if I'm wasting my time). Thanks!