I’m trying to create a campaign that uses 4 separate background images. I feel that I’ve got the code to a good place, where the background images display on even some of the more problematic platforms, like Outlook, Android 4.4, Gmail (Desktop). However, I’m having rendering issues, particularly with Android 5.1.0 and Gmail App on Android. In general, I know there’s spotty support when it comes to background image support across all the platforms, but I’d like to see if anyone has come up with a good solution (particularly for Gmail App Android and Android 5).

Currently, I’ve included a background attribute linking to the image in a table tag, as well as an inline css style that uses the background:url property. Code snippet here for reference: https://jsfiddle.net/9m8sbtza/. I’ve even tried to incorporate Campaign Monitor’s Bulletproof method (https://backgrounds.cm/), but that didn’t work. Android 5.1.0 and the Gmail App (Android) will just show the fallback background color.

Has anyone else come across this problem, and know of any good solutions? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!