So I'm curious what the consensus on designing for the email forward is. What I mean by this is: say your editor uses Outlook, and when you get your email back with their edits it's all but intact. I have an amateurish understanding of the technical side of why this happends, stripping out CSS and HTML tags it doesn't like, but I'm wondering what you all do to assure that your email holds up after being forwarded from the most gruesome clients.

Are there techniques that can help the email to hold together kind of like hurricane shutters on my house? Or is it just part of the email designer nightmare patiently waiting for communisim to bring forth a standard of email rendering?

Is it worth "dumbing down" your email in order to meet the needs of the forward?

-Brent Washburn

P.S. no offense meant to communist, I'm sure you're very nice.