I have a simple enough task. Create a drag and drop template in Mailchimp that includes 2 sections with table data. Allow the client to add new rows and edit template.

Here's a Litmus test. I included one desktop layout, which works very well across all desktop clients. I also included all mobile previews, to show how the table was displaying the data.


I believe the solution would be to stack the tables in a mobile preview. This would allow for longer brand names and larger numbers.

However, I believe there are 2 issues with this seemingly simple solution.

  1. I need labels with each item within the "stack". The data is meaningless uness accompanied by a label.
  2. This template was created as a simple drag and drop in Mailchimp. I did not want to take away any native functionality or lock out any options. If there's a solution to displaying labels for each item within the stack, how would I be able to insert the mobile device instructions if I cannot get into the main style sheet?

I appreciate your discussion and look forward to a solution.