Hey, email community! Just a quick update on some upcoming changes to the Litmus Community.

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll have noticed that Community posts are broken up into two sections: Discussions and Code Questions. While our original intention with this division was to split code-related questions away from more general email marketing and design discussions, that hasn’t exactly worked out in practice. Many people post code-related questions in the general discussions—and vice-versa—or even cross-post the same thing to both sections.

To help alleviate the confusion, we’ll be merging the two sections into one. Instead of both Code Questions and Discussions, starting later this week, you will see only Discussions. Existing Code Questions will simply be merged into Discussions, but both will have their topics revamped to better organize everything.

Moving forward, you will be able to pick from these topics when posting a new Discussion:

  • Community
  • Design & Development
  • Email Industry
  • ESPs
  • Resources
  • Tools

Existing topics will be remapped to the new ones.

If anyone has any questions, just drop them in the comments below. Cheers!