I'm a total newb to email html and have really just started learning so please bare with me.

We use mailchimp at work and I've come to find out that most of our clients use their Desktop (Outlook (2007-2013), Apple Mail, Gmail) and a smaller percentage uses their mobile devices (Iphone, Gmail, and some Android) to open our emails.

I'm the graphic designer and this is the latest email we sent out HERE. I put these images in Fireworks and added hyperlinks to where we needed it to be clickable. (please don't kill me, i had to get it done, i know using just images is bad ju ju.).

Anyways, the things I want to do are:

1) Hide the NAV bar when someone opens it on mobile.
2) Make it to where the images on the left are all in tables and columns and so is the image on the right so it can be responsive when someone opens it in a smaller screen and not just one big image that isn't responsive.
3) Make the CTAs all responsive to smaller screens.
4) I would like to know if it's at all possible to hide basic HTML behind these tables and images so when images aren't loaded there is at least some color and words. May be a dumb question, but I just want to know if it's even doable.

Please be kind to me if I asked some really stupid questions, once again, extremely new to this so I am looking for any and all help I can get.