Our 2016 State of Email Production report is based on the responses of more than 900 marketers--who work in different industries, in different geographic regions, at companies of different sizes, on teams of different sizes, and so on. There's a lot of diversity and a wide variety of circumstances.

Throughout the report, we highlight some cross-sections of data where interesting differences are evident. For instance, we point out that agencies are more than twice as likely as other companies to code emails from scratch. And that companies with 500 or more employees were roughly 50% more likely than smaller companies to plan their holiday or peak season email campaigns at least 6 months in advance.

Are there any cross-sections of data that you're interested in knowing about that we didn't include in the report? If the cross-section is too narrow, we may not have enough data to provide a statically meaningful answer, but we'll do our best to answer your questions. Fire away!