Our two retail brands are going to be re-enginnering our triggered marketing email templates this quarter and then rolling the newer templates our to our daily email marketing sends.

Currently our templates are 700 pixels wide and we don't employee many/if any best practices for mobile-friendly email design and I'm looking to give some solid baseline specs and requirements to our design and coding team to kick off the redesign. At this time we are looking to be mobile-friend for these emails (not responsive - I'll tackle responsive for our transactional emails later this year).

We are using Litmus to test the device, email client, and time our subscibers open and read their emails.

  1. How do the email design experts see the trend toward larger mobile phones with more powerful processing power and higher resolution screens changing the way the industry is designing emai?

  2. What is current industry best practices (could you provide links to documentation for our email coding and design team) for

    • template width if the email template is scaleable or mobile friendly
    • Font size and Font weight
    • Button size (we use buttons that are images with the CTA as text)
    • Ideal number of columns to use in email. We have one brand that uses a 2 column design quite often and it causes rendering issues on mobile when the images resize.
    • Alt Text
    • Using background colors behind images

    Anything else you'd liek to share.

Thank you.