Hi, I'm working on a signature design for a client who is fastidious at getting the colours of their logo and text correct but I'm having headaches with it - I've designed the logo part in Illustrator (in rgb mode), exported as a gif and then brought it into Dreamweaver and did colour text parts using the equivalent hex code from Illustrator logo file from their cmyk specs of the logo (c0 m55 y100 k0). When I open up the gif in photoshop it says (c1 m55 y100 k0) which isn't so much of a problem, it's when I copy and paste the htm file from Safari to a Word doc (to send them a proof with my logo at the bottom) that things go really awry. Word changes the text colour to c2 m46 y98 k6 which looks completely different. I was hoping to send them the Word file for them to copy and paste into their email client signature but I don't know if I should change the colours in Word as I would have thought Word would screw up the coding? If not Word then how do you go about sending the signature to a client?