I am a B2B marketer and I have chosen to create campaigns that mimic sending a simple person to person email just as you do from your gmail account to a friend or customer. The problem I have is that every service and suggestion out there says keep email widths under 600px to accommodate mobile clients. When I send an email from my gmail account, it is not fixed width and the text will adjust to their email client without having a hard line break - the text just flows.

How do I do this with a template? In MailChimp any template I choose (even plain text) will look narrow fixed width when opened on a desktop client. I don't want that. You don't want to go the other way and set a longer fixed width cause that will cause problems with smaller email clients. Why can't it be coded just like a simple text email is for gmail, yahoo, outlook etc? (keep in mind I do not mean plain text cause gmail even wraps your simple text into an html wrapper)

I do not know html, so if you have a solution for me, please reference some code I can readily access.

Thank you!