Hi all,

I'm a front-end developer, not much of an email developer. I'm still very new at trying to understand how different clients render email. I have an email nice and responsive, looks good in every render of Litmus. Except when I send a test to my boss in Outlook 2010 and our client in Outlook 2016, it is way way off. Tables aren't as wide as they should be, columns bunch up. Yet in Litmus it's fine. In my Outlook 2010, the email renders fine.

My boss figured, it could be that his monitor settings have zoomed in test 125%. But the client claims to not have those settings. We've modified my template all day long and nothing changes in her view. We had her turn off her email caching and still it looks just as dysfunctional as before. How could Litmus render everything perfect, yet it is so off in not just my bosses email but the clients?

The hardest part is, how can I test for something I can't replicate? I was counting on Litmus. If it was just my boss, or just the client, we might be able to say "meh, it will probably be fine," but if the client sees a jacked up version of her design AND my boss sees it I can't just tell them "Well in Litmus it's fine so it's fine." For the heck of it I ran renders in Email on Acid and they all look fine.

Here is my source code. Any help would be super appreciated. Not sure if it matters but we are using MailChimp.